If you are moving locally, there are some things you can do to make your move go smoother.

Take the small amount of time it takes to sit down and contact all of the utilities. Let them know when to stop service and where/when to start service. This is something most people really don't like doing, but it only take a short amount of time and can really give you peace of mind. The last thing you want is to be paying for your electricity in two places!

Don't forget to call the newspaper. Again, there will be a great sense of satisfaction when you are neck-deep in cardboard at your new place and know that your morning paper is there!

Make sure you are ready for the movers. Don't waste their time and your money by having them stand around while you "finish packing." If you think that you are not going to be able to make it on time, call and reschedule the move. It could save you a substantial amount of money.


Most of the above applies to any move, but leaving town causes additional problems.

Make sure any pianos, grandfather clocks or other treasured items are packed and padded for long distance transportation. This may require crating, which we can have done for you. This will certainly be an additional charge, but will ensure a safe delivery.

Don't pack cleaning supplies (toxic items), guns or ammunition. We are not allowed to transport these items. You will have to take them yourself or make other arrangements.

Go over the inventory lists carefully to make sure everyone is in agreement as to the number of items.




TERMS & CONDITIONS: The following is mostly common sense, but by request of our attorney, we have to make some things perfectly clear. Ninety percent of our customers are wonderful people, but once in a while we run into someone who has no clue. So this is for those lucky few.

Locally, we work on an hourly basis. This will be estimated, and agreed to, prior to starting. We will bill actual time Job is to be paid in full at completion. Failure to pay could result in removal of moved items and stored at your expense. You will be responsible for all legal fees accrued in an attempt to collect.

When you are moving out of the local area, we work on a contract bid basis. One-half payment is due up front when we load and the remainder when we have finished unloading at your new location

We will not be held to a contract - whether verbal or written - if the premises to be moved is found to be a health risk to our employees. This would include, but not be limited to: rodents, uncleanliness, insects, piled trash. This is common sense. It isn't safe for you and it isn't safe for us.

We will not be held to a contract - whether verbal or written - if persons at the move site are abusive, verbally or physically, to the employees of Boyce's Moving Service.

Boyce's Moving service must be paid in full prior to any claim for damages.

We are not allowed to transport paint cans, spray paint cans, gasoline, kerosene or propane. Make sure not of these items are packed in any containers to be moved by us.


Appliances must show external damage before we accept liability for their not working after a move. Further, proof of prior working condition may be necessary.

We are not responsible for computer equipment failure - due just to transporting. Computers often have internal parts vibrate loose from moving which is not the fault of the mover. If possible, transport computer equipment yourself.

We will not be responsible for items stacked up in open boxes. Though we do our best to insure the safety of the contents, we can't be responsible for the contents of open boxes.

We are not responsible for creating a path to the items to be moved. This includes, but is not limited to: excess muddy conditions or flooding, trash removal (unless contracted to remove), snow drifts, packed ice or furniture items blocking the path.

We are not responsible for snow removal. It is your responsibility to see we can reach the items to be moved. If there is snow and ice on your porch, we will not risk injury to our crew. We will leave and reschedule at a time when you can ensure a safe entrance into your property.


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